Change of Course

The bike ride has changed course, the destination will be either Philly or Los Angeles, no longer Brooklyn, New York. Will keep you guys posted.

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Suga Mama is coming to the streets!

Collecting brand new toys for the beautiful children on the streets of Houston

Will be collecting all the way up to Christmas Eve at

Williams Tower : 2800 Post Oak Boulevard, Houston, TX

10/23 | 12-3pm

10/24 | 12-3pm

10/25 | 12-3pm

10/26 | 12-3pm

10/30 | 12-3pm

10/31 | 12-3pm

11/2 | 12-3pm


About Tour De Badness

Never in a million years would the thought occur to travel on a bicycle throughout the country for a cause…correction 6 causes. But it is now an obsession. Saving the world one mile at a time. Clyde Grant and myself  Bevin Biggers, will be cycling from Texas to New York (Mad Decent Block Party) to raise money for 6 causes July 2013. To make helping the community a necessity to everyone, not just for a resume. It started by my urge to bike to SXSW in Austin,Texas. A friend of mine said, don’t do it just to do it. I went home and sketched up a lot of causes and could not break it down. I therefore kept 6 causes. The first ride was hard, it being my first long distance bike ride, and I did not know what the heck I was doing. I eventually did it in March of 2012, with SAG driver Renee Jonard and biking partner Mutulu Kafele. I felt filled and accomplished. Got some coverage, but it did not spread to the world as I would have liked it to. So I chose to make it 20 times more intense, with higher goals. New 
York has a Mad Decent Block Party, and so to keep tradition the destination is Mad Decent Block Party.

The world that we live in is shared by 7 billion people. Roughly 100 million people in the world are homeless, 7.6 million people die every year from cancer, 17.3 million people every year die from Cardio Vascular Diseases, and approximately  925 million people are malnourished in the world. No one should ever have to be faced with this alone, and no one deserves to not get the help that they need. This is everyone’s world. Every artist should be able to build their dreams up, no matter who they are. Abuse ends now. With Clyde and Bevin being healthy with two legs, drastic measures will be taken to help people get what they deserve. Keep our world precious, keep our world in peace, save the lives of everyone’s neighbor.

What We Need & What You Get

There is no set amount that is needed, but much is needed. We set a price, but no matter what number we set many non profits need more. Anything you give would be great!

Every dollar amount will go straight to non profits:

  • Safe place
  • Star of Hope
  • Project Row Houses
  • American Heart Association
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand
When the Campaign ends, the total amount will be divided by five, and there will be copy of each donation to each non profit posted on the campaign site! Just to let you know that this is real!
  • With each donation, there will be a cool perk you get just for your support! No matter if we reach our goal or not, every donation goes to the non profits that we have mentioned

The Impact

Your contribution will help put more food, jobs, computers, and rooms into shelters. It will help provide more money for research on CVDs (Cardiovascular Diseases) and Cancer, and even help with costs for families that have lost a family member due to these sicknesses. Your contribution will help artists get their foot in the door for their dreams. It will definitley also be a huge contribution to the first Tour De Badness funded ride. We will bike for you, and it is you that will that will drive this ride, this campaign to success.

The impact that your contribution will make will not only help your local community, but your world. The bigger this ride becomes, the bigger the impact on the Globe will be.

Tour De Badness needs you.

Other Ways You Can Help

No matter how much money you make, you can definitely make a difference. We are definitely not rich, so this made it a great opportunity to get the funds for these non-profits.

Ways to help the community without money:

  • Have the desire to be part of the solution to your community’s problems
  • Use your extra time
  • Plant a garden, and use that garden to supply the homeless with fresh, healthy food to eat
  • Check your local non profits and volunteer
  • Participate in Walk-a-thons

There are many things you can do to make this world a beautiful one, you can make a difference!

Saving the World…One Mile at a Time  | | Imagein.Us

Spread the World

Sponsorship is needed for the ride!o

Donate | Tour De Badness 2013 | 120 Day Campaign | 5 Non Profits | $10,000 Goal

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